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Top 15 things to fight off dog cancer

Dog's natural diet since they existed is meat. Unfortunately, the meat nowadays especially the low quality store bought pet food is full of hormones and even strychnine in some dog food brands. Yes, rat poison has been known to be added to chicken feed for example, by some companies as it makes chicken flesh swell and create more weight which simply means more profit. There is some debate whether or not to put your dog on a vegan diet which has its benefits as long as you add good proteins to the diet. One of the biggest misconceptions when looking for the "CURE" is hemp or cannabis or any natural remedy should not be a single solution nor should it be looked at as the cure. At Canna Doggy we believe 100%  in the "Tipping Points Protocol ". In short, tipping points are a variety of lifestyle changes such as supplements, herbs, vegetables, dietary changes and the list below covers the top 15 of them. The more you add from the below list, the more you offset the scale or add to the tipping points.Chemotherapy or cannabis paste could, should, might, maybe remove the cancer but why did the pet get the cancer in the first place? That reason must be fixed or cancer can return with a vengeance.
Here's the top 15 ways (not in priority) to prevent and help fight off cancer for dogs: 
1.   Liquid chlorophyll added to food. A natural way to balance the PH levels and more!
2.   MCT Oil. MCT oil by Now Foods or Brain Octane by Bullet Proof.
3.   High grade Multi Pet Vitamins! D3, CoQ10 plus Antioxidant Therapy.
4.   Enzymes for cancer: Low enzymes levels are always seen in cancer. Probiotic food and supplements (“Good Bacteria”).
5.   Organic meat with steamed rutabagas, turnips, parsnips and a tiny piece of fresh ginger, carrots and broccoli.
6.   The herb artemisinin, also known as sweet wormwood.
7.   Vitamin B17 -  (Laetrile) Food like Flax Seed Oil.
8.   Hemp or cannabis paste. Cannabinoids turns off cancer cells.
9.   Exercise - Oxygen kills cancer. Exercise creates oxygen. Plus good old sunshine.
10. Carnivora - phytonutrient extract to combat irregular cells. From the venus fly trap plant.
11. Alkaline Diet- Low pH causes fungus, candida and cancer. Cesium Chloride/DMSO (high pH therapy).
12. Alkaline water drops or water. 7.0 ph or higher is a must!  Often water from homes test under 5.6 pH. 
13. Colloidal silver.
14. DMSO mixed with cannabis paste directly over the cancer area.
15. Ozone Therapy.
Note: If possible don't give your pet turmeric or cumin with cannabis/ hemp at the same time as they both compete for the CB1/CB2 receptors. Basically you are wasting product if you do.
Due to FDA regulations, Canna Doggy makes no claims on the above information. These are simply  suggestions from 3 years of data compiled from numerous naturopathic/holistic veterinarians working with Canna Doggy.

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What a great time for pets around the world!

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Dog Cancer Treatment "Em-Barking" On Cannabis Paste

Maybe the first memory that runs through your head is your idiot college roommate getting his dog high on cannabis. Well, if you don't relate to that, then I am sure you have heard of someone who has. Ironically, cannabis and hemp is the new cancer and epilepsy treatment for dogs that's spreading across the country, says Canna International, the creator of Cannabis Paste. The only difference is you don't blow the cannabis smoke into the dog's face, but instead, simply give your beloved pet a small dose of Cannabis Paste. As of now you might get laughed at if you walk into the veterinarian clinic asking for Cannabis Paste, but in the very near future, our beloved pets will have access to such an amazing treatment at your local veterinarian clinic. Chemotherapy prescribed for humans is also the #1 treatment for dogs. But sadly, chemotherapy's deadly 3% success rate is no different for dogs as it is for humans, and insurance will not cover it.

Doggy Cannabis Paste or high Cannabinoid (CBD) Cannabis Paste as a "Dog Treat" has evolved a long way to the point where there are thousands of testimonies spreading on YouTube, not to mention the humorous twist the media is throwing at such stories. At CannaDoggy.com, we find no humor whatsoever when it comes to any ailment our "best friends" may be enduring. We have all heard in the news how cannabis has stopped epilepsy in countless cases and is the new Lyme and cancer treatment for humans.  The question is, can it really help dogs? The answer is quite simple, yes. CannaDoggy.com is 100% driven and is "Saving Dogs Everywhere, One Paw at a Time".  Man's best friend is now given the opportunity to obtain a much healthier, happier and better quality of life.